Gahanna “Bright Spot” Yard-of-the-Month Program

To reward, encourage and recognize beautification efforts throughout Gahanna, the Make Gahanna Yours Committee will be presenting a monthly ‘Bright Spot” Yard-of-the-Month award to Gahanna homeowners and a ‘Civic Pride’ award to Gahanna businesses for their hard work in maintaining their property.

Every month one residence in each ward will be awarded a “Bright Spot” Yard-of-the-Month Award. Regardless of property size or landscape ideas, your yard could be selected.  The goal for the Yard of the Month program is to award and recognize the efforts of Gahanna residents who take pride in their home and landscape and who inspire others to do the same.

The monthly “Civic Pride” award will be selected from businesses city-wide.


  1. Nominations will be accepted online from the 1st of the month through the 21st of the month.
  2. Judging will run from the 22nd of the month through the end of the month.
  3. One home will be selected each month from each ward.
  4. The yards will only be judged on the portion that can be seen from the street.
  5. The 2016 Yard of the Month program will start in July and end at the the end of the year to include the holidays.
  6. Residents may nominate any residential and/or business landscape within the town, including their own.
  7. Each yard may only win the Yard of the Month award once in a calendar year.
  8. Winners will have a Yard of the Month sign placed in the winning yard for a month.
  9. Pictures of the yard being submitted may be uploaded but need to be kept to 2MB or less



Winning Yard of the Month:

The judges will use the following criteria when choosing a Yard of the Month. These are only guidelines and the committee will make a final decision based on the evidence that shows the homeowner’s pride in his or her yard.

  • Yard is well-groomed
  • Yard is attractive and pleasing to the eye
  • Buildings, fences, porches, and patios on the property are in good repair
  • House numbers are displayed attractively
  • Does a passerby sense that the homeowner has pride in his or her landscape and property

Winners will receive:

A specially designed “Yard of the Month” sign placed in the winning front yard for one month and a certificate of recognition to the homeowner.

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