Big Walnut Litter Float

We’re only trying to gauge interest right now…


WHAT: We’re planning a Big Walnut Creek litter float event

WHEN: May/June (2019)

GOAL: Canoe and collect trash on the Big Walnut




Go Team “Cleaner Greener Gahanna”!!!

Big Walnut Litter Float

Want to help us clean up the Big Walnut Creek and have fun at the same time?

We’re planning a canoe float on the Big Walnut from Morse road to Pizzurro Park to see the creek from a new perspective and collect some junk at the same time!!

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    Please consider donating to Make Gahanna Yours. This is how we provide things to beautify the city and provide opportunities to keep the city litter free.

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    Make Gahanna Yours has evolved into a dedicated volunteer organization that continues to exhibit its interest and commitment to the local Gahanna community through its community pride and beautification projects. Getting our arms around the litter problem is but one project we’ve committed to but there will be many more in the future.

    Becky Kneeland

    President, Make Gahanna Yours