1. Would you shop at a weekly Farmers Market located in Gahanna? YesNoMaybe

    2. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 = highest), how strongly do you feel that a farmer’s market would be a great opportunity for the citizens of Gahanna (enter 1-10, 10 being highest, 1 being lowest)

    3. What day of the week is the most convenient for you to shop at a farmers market?

    4. Which of the following services should be offered to Farmers Market shoppers?

    Protection from the elementsRestroomsDining tablesSeating areasFree parkingFood trucksCoffee vendorInformation boothEducational events (i.e., cooking, nutrition, gardening, environment, health, etc.)SNAP (food stamps) AcceptanceOther

    If "Other" please explain:

    5. How much of your produce do you currently buy from non-traditional outlets
    (for example: Farmers Markets, Community Supported Agriculture programs, Roadside Stands?)
    All - 100%Most - 75%Some - 25%None

    6. Would you like to buy more produce directly from growers?
    YesNoI Don't Know

    7. What are your most important considerations when deciding to buy from local farms?

    a. It sustains local farming communities
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important

    b. It promotes open space and rural character
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important

    c. It is convenient
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important

    d. It is fresh (most products harvested and delivered on same day)
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important

    e. It is grown in accordance with USDA National Organic Standards
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important

    f. It is grown with environmentally sound farming practices
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important

    g. How much do you currently spend on fresh produce weekly?

    9. How much do you currently spend on fresh meats weekly?

    10. How much do you currently spend on fresh flowers weekly?

    11. How much do you currently spend on dairy products (cheese, milk, etc.) weekly?

    12. Where do you currently shop for fresh produce? GroceryFarmer's MarketOther

    If a Farmer's Market please provide its name:

    If Other please describe:

    13. Do you or family members grow your own fruits & vegetables? YesNo

    14. Which of these products would you be interested in buying at your farmers market? Seasonal and Local grown fruits and vegetablesFreshly baked goodsJellies, Jams, Honey, and SyrupsSalsas, mustards, sauces, relishes, and vinegarsFresh herbsCut FlowersGarden plants: vegetables and herbsPoultry meatsPork meatsBeef meatsLamb meatsGoat meatsMilk & Cheese ProductsEggs

    15. Would a farmers market increase your quality of life? YesNoI don't know

    16. What is the best way to inform you about the Gahanna Farmers Market opening?
    EmailWebsiteFacebookCity newsletterGoogle Group Email List

    If you are interested in participating in a Farmers Market community initiative (as a vendor, volunteer, Farmers Market committee member, etc.), or to receive timely information concerning the development of the Farmers Market, please provide your name, email address, and phone number in the space below